Our Mission:

The focus of the Rutgers Teaching and Learning with Technology (TLT) is to enhance the efficacy, efficiency and overall satisfaction of the Online Learning community; comprised of administrators, educators, students and lifelong learners of different ages and computer expertise.  

TLT supports Rutgers academic units University-wide in creating and delivering hybrid and fully online courses, and is heavily involved in both for-credit as well as non-credit online and hybrid education at the university. One of our key responsibilities in the for-credit space is to ensure smooth operations for fully online degree programs which are part of “Rutgers Online.”


Our Impact:

TLT's involvement with the development of online learning has a direct impact on lifelong learning. Whether you are taking a non-credit course or pursuing a degree, online learning provides flexibility, 24/7 accessibility, and the ability to work at your own pace. Online instructors make a range of resources and tools available to students such as video, library resources, simulations, and group projects that enhance learning and expose learners to a range of content.