Upcoming Workshops

Level 1: Activate
These workshops are designed to give you the essential skills you need to begin teaching in the online environment. This includes basic Canvas skills, introductions to lecture recording and web accessibility, and the foundations of effective online course design and delivery.

Level 2: Elevate
Once you’ve mastered the basics, it’s time to focus on improving and elevating your online teaching practice. These sessions focus on strategies and tools to refine your instruction and take student learning to the next level.

Level 3: Innovate
These advanced sessions focus on creative ways to innovate in the online teaching environment. We’ll explore new ways to use external tools to enhance student engagement and collaboration, apply visual design elements to your course, and work together to solve your most puzzling teaching challenges.


Problem Solving Roundtable

Level 3: Innovate / @ 02:00 pm for 1hr
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