View InstructureCon 2017 Conference Videos

According to Instructure, Mission: InstructureCon 0017 (a spy-themed conference for all things Canvas) went off without a hitch in beautiful Keystone, Colorado. For Rutgers Canvas Administrators and instructional designers, the conference was a new learning experience: new ways to use Canvas, new feature releases, and new colleagues to learn from. It was also a new experience for resident New Jersians to experience an elevation of 9,173 feet above sea level. Talking caused dizziness. A flight of stairs left us winded. We experienced the range of altitude sickness symptoms but we survived.

Check out the mission highlights here, and mark your calendars for next year's InstructureCon: 7/24-26/2018.

Instructure has kindly provided recordings of all sessions. We thought these sessions were noteworthy:

  • New Gradebook: Phase 1:   Learn how you can get super secret spy access to the New Gradebook, join our early access Focus Group in the community and hear about what’s coming next!
  • Integrating Social Media in Canvas:  Social media networks are common platforms of communication, used by students to keep track of friends, family, news, and more—so why not use them in education? This webinar will discuss innovative ways to incorporate social media into discussions, assignments, and content pages within a Canvas course.
  • Magical Blueprint Courses:  Scale content, make realtime edits to multiple courses at the same time, create consistent student experience across courses, and make it super easy for teachers to collaborate and iterate their common shared content. Did we mention it is magical?
  • Mission Possible: Accessible Course Materials: Accessibility need not be an impossible mission. Specialized instruments that integrate with Canvas provide tactical support to evaluate the accessibility of course materials. We will analyze three accessibility apps and provide a briefing on how they can be used to ensure every student has access to an inclusive learning experience.
  • Increase Engagement Through Student-Led Course Design: What happens when you turn course design over to students? They push themselves harder than you ever would. They stay engaged longer, take ownership of the learning process, and work together toward success. This session discusses the process and results of a course turned over, completely, to students. 
  • Feed the Outcomes in Canvas: We all know that outcomes drive everything in education, but what good are they if we can't actually track them or make them give us useful data? This session will cover how Centralia College created a standard scale of measurement to use across all outcomes, which was the key to creating meaningful course-level, program-level, and college-level reporting.
  • Introducing Canvas Teacher: The Next Step in Mobile: Boost your productivity with the new Canvas Teacher mobile app. Come learn about the new grading, messaging and content editing capabilities within the palm of your hand.
  • Grades Are Not Enough: Using Outcomes in Canvas to Target Student Learning: Never say never again: With Canvas Outcomes, tracking student learning is easy. This session shows how—and why—to use built-in Canvas features to quickly and effectively track student progress on the learning that's most valuable to you. We’ll showcase several examples of outcomes in action from recent courses.