Top Changes in Moodle Version 3.5

  1. How to Access Your Course
    1. Login - The NetID login is now on the right under Rutgers shield.
    2. My Courses – Upon login you will see “My Courses”. You may also access the courses from the left navigation.
  2. Course Page
    1. Turn Editing On/Off - Click on the gear icon in upper right or go to the administration block.
    2. Universal Theme – Individualized course themes are no longer available. There is a single universal theme.
    3. Add Block in Sidebar - To add a block, the control link is listed at the bottom of the left sidebar menu.
  3. Assignments
    1. New Features:
      1. Remind me to grade by - A new feature that allows you to set a reminder to grade.
      2. Video has been added as an accepted file type.
  4. Discussion Forums
    1. Lock discussions after period of inactivity - You can stop participants from adding comments to threads that have been inactive.
  5. Quizzes
    1. Question Order – Questions cannot be randomized, however, answer choices can.
    2. New Feature - Option to allow offline quiz access via mobile application.
  6. Games
    1. New features for all games:
      1. Show high score
      2. Grade Category - Add the game to the gradebook.
    2. New features for most games:
      1. Only approved or teacher’s glossary entries
      2. Disable summarize
  7. Gradebook
    1. “Categories and Items” has been renamed “Gradebook Setup.”
  8. Additional Minor Changes
    1. Tags and Competencies sections have been added.
    2. “Visible” has been renamed “Availability.”

Please see the detailed comparison of Moodle 2.8 versus Moodle 3.5.