Student Identity and Proctoring

Student Identity Verification Procedures

Day-to-day Operations

In the day-to-day operations of online courses, the password-protected log-in that is required for each of the university-supported learning management systems ensures verification of student identity. All university students, as well as faculty and staff, are assigned a unique Rutgers identifier known as a NetID. NetID users set their own individual passwords. The NetID, in combination with the personal password, provides students access to their online courses through the Rutgers Central Authentication Service (CAS). 

Proctoring Solutions

In face-to-face courses, all students' identities are confirmed by photo ID prior to sitting for each exam and their activities are monitored throughout the exam period. To meet accreditation requirements for online courses, this process must also take place. Rutgers makes available electronic proctoring services for online students across the nation and can assist with on-site proctoring solutions. Student privacy during a proctored exam at a distance is maintained through direct communication and the use of a secure testing service.

In addition to electronic proctoring services, student authentication can also be achieved through traditional on-site exam proctoring solutions. The specific method of student authentication used for examinations in an online course is the choice of the individual instructor and the academic unit offering the course. If you have any questions, talk to your course instructor.

    In-Person Proctoring