MediaSpace Webcam Recording

With the MediaSpace you can record from your computer's Webcam directly to the MediaSpace server. 

  1. In the upper right corner of the page, select the 'Add New' drop-down list, and choose 'Webcam Recording,' to open video recording widget.
  2. An Adobe Flash Player Settings dialog box may open requesting access to your camera. Click 'Allow' to let the recorder use your computer's camera for recording. You should then see your camera's video feed in the center of the recording widget.  Need Flash?
  3. Use the 'Record' button overlaid on the video screen to begin recording your video.

  4. To stop recording, click anywhere on the video. When stopped you will be able to play back your video or re-record it with the Play and Record buttons.
  5. When you are finished recording, click the 'Save' button to upload your recording and begin adding details to your video.kaltura_mediaspaceupload4
  6. Enter the details for your recording. The details include:
    1. Name: this is the only required field. It will be prominently displayed above the video.
    2. Description: this is displayed below your video and allows you to write additional supplementary information.
    3. Tags: these are used when searching for your video within MediaSpace.
  7. When you are finished editing the details, click 'Save.' Your video will then be added to your My Media tab.
  8. Please note that at this point you may not be able to play your video and you may see the message: 'This media is still being converted. This is completely normal. Your video will continue to process even if you navigate away from MediaSpace.