CaptureSpace Desktop Recorder Upload to MediaSpace

When ready, you can upload your recording. Use the Upload Options Screen to:

  • Add or edit the recording title.
  • Add a description to the video (optional)
  • Add tags to the video (optional)
  • To edit the recording, click Preview and navigate to the editing window.

To upload media to the MediaSpace Website:

  1. Select the Library tab
  2. Select the recording you would like to upload and click Upload Now
  3. Enter the metadata for your media and click Save.
    CaptureSpace Upload Options
  4. Click on Upload to begin uploading to the website.
    CaptureSpace Upload Progress
  5. After the video finishes uploading, a notification with a link to the recording is displayed.
    CaptureSpace Successful Upload
  6. It may take several minutes for the media to appear in “My Media.”