CaptureSpace Desktop Recorder Tabs

Overview of the Tabs availalbe on the CaptureSpace Desktop Recorder. 

Record Tab

Description: Macintosh HD:Users:dschober:Desktop:KMS:capturespace_RecordTab.png

The Record tab enables you to select from the different recording options in the CaptureSpace Desktop Recorder:

  • Capture presentations and lectures, using all available features such as screen presentation, camera, and voice.
  • Record the screen and voice.
  • Record the screen and video.
  • Record only video.
  • Record only voice.

Library Tab

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The Library tab enables you to browse through previous recordings.  You can use the search box to quickly find the recordings.

Settings Tab

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The Settings tab is a centralized screen that enables you to manage the CaptureSpace Desktop Recorder.

  • Determine the location where your video files are stored before they are uploaded.
  • Select any webcam from the drop down list and see the preview.
  • Select the recording quality: 480p or 720p for webcam, 720p or 1080p for screen recording.
  • Select any microphone from the drop down list and gauge the voice level using the microphone meter.

Help Tab

Description: Macintosh HD:Users:dschober:Desktop:KMS:capturespace_HelpTab.png

The Help tab provides you with the following information:

  • Information about the logged in user.
  • Recorder version number.
  • The Help tab also provides an option to collect logs to aid in troubleshooting any technical issues.