Planned Moodle Downtime - Student Announcment

This message was sent as an email on July 13, 2018 to all students enrolled in Moodle courses during Summer 2018

Moodle will be upgraded to version 3.5 on 8-18-2018. There will be no access to Moodle during the upgrade. The exact timing of system down-time to follow soon.


  • Our current version (2.8) is very outdated. Our Moodle provider strongly suggests we upgrade ASAP.

What does it mean to me?

  • There will be minimal functionality and interface changes associated with the upgrade. Once the upgrade has occurred, any changes will be highlighted in a subsequent email.
  • We are not migrating content to a different system - rather we are only upgrading the software. The content of your courses, your course activity, and submitted work will not be impacted.

How can I get Help?

While there is no perfect time to do this, we have worked with your school-based Moodle support to identify a day that will have the least impact.

If you have any questions regarding the Moodle upgrade please send an email to