Pearson LearningStudio end-of-life and updated timeline

Please see course migration request.

Action Required:

  • eCollege shuts down June 1, 2018!

  • Choose a new Learning Management System.

Now that the semester is underway, we are sending you an urgent reminder that eCollege/Pearson LearningStudio is quickly approaching the end of its life. Though Pearson originally guaranteed access to the platform through mid-2019, we notified you in Spring that the company more recently shortened the sun-setting timeline considerably. In addition to discontinuing a large number of third-party integrations at the end of the current semester, Pearson representatives now strongly urge us to cease teaching on eCollege/Pearson LearningStudio as soon as possible. By January 2018, 95% of all eCollege universities will have migrated their courses to a different LMS.

Pearson has warned that certain core functionalities of the platform may soon become less reliable, while eCollege support may drop to "minimally viable" levels. In fact, we have already seen issues with Gradebook access that have taken the company several days to address. Additionally, there have been periods of system downtime. These are clear signs that in order to maintain the integrity of our online education, we need to move all eCollege courses to your choice of a more robust, University-supported learning management system.

Due to the demise of eCollege/Pearson LearningStudio, we are forced to end teaching activities on eCollege, effective June 1, 2018. To begin this process, we are disabling the automated course creation system in the Faculty Dashboard. Any course requests for Winter and Spring 2018 can only be accepted via email to If you have not yet made arrangements for transferring your course content to another learning management system, please reach out to us as soon as possible. We would be very happy to assist you with content migration.

We are committed to doing all we can to make your final semester on eCollege as smooth as possible. Again, it is in your and your students' best interest that you teach on a different platform as early as January 2018. In order to begin teaching your course on a different learning management system, please fill out our Course Migration Request Form.