OIRT/DoCS/OIT Reorganization

We are pleased to announce the realignment of instructional technology resources under our respective offices that will improve efficiencies and provide for better coordination of services for faculty and students.

Instructional technology and course development support resources that have historically reported to OIRT (Office of Instructional and Research Technology) have been moved to a centralized instructional design group under the Senior Vice President for Academic Affairs. The Office of Information Technology (OIT) will continue to be the central resource for information technology infrastructure and services at the university. All systems and development work will remain with the Office of Information Technology, such as IT Accessibility, Systems Administration, Application Development and maintenance of Sakai technology.

Other areas within OIT that are related to instructional technology, pedagogy, teaching with technology, training, helpdesk support and eLearning Support, for both Moodle and Sakai, have been transferred to Academic Affairs, specifically under the Division of Continuing Studies (DoCS). At the same time, the current technology support and service level agreements for server and desktop computer support that had been provided by DoCS to various schools and departments across Rutgers, have been transferred to OIT. This realignment will allow for greater coherence and clarity of roles between these two agencies for service across the University.

In planning for this transition, we have conferred with members of the Committee on Instructional Technology that was formed by President Barchi to consider how the University’s Strategic Plan should be implemented with respect to faculty and student use of technology in teaching and learning.  We believe that this reorganization will provide for more efficient and effective use of our resources, and will enhance teaching and learning for our academic community.

Barbara A. Lee
Senior Vice President for Academic Affairs
and Distinguished Professor of Human Resource Management

Michele L. Norin
Senior Vice President for Information Technology
and Chief Information Officer