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Our Team

Office of the Vice President

portrait of Richard Novak
Dr. Richard Novak
VP, Continuing Studies And Distance Learning

Executive Leadership

portrait of William Pagán
William Pagán
Acting Associate VP for Online Programs
Richard headshot
Rick Anderson
Director, Virtual Worlds
portrait of David Schober
David Schober
Manager, User Services
portrait of Justin Smith
Justin Smith
Multimedia Facilities Specialist


Beheshteh Abdi
Instructional Designer
portrait of Yuri Alegria
Yuri Alegria
Senior Application Developer
Kevin headshot
Kevin Burkitt
Instructional Technologist

Julia Bush
Senior Management Assistant

Kenny Chen
Game & Graphic Designer
portrait of Gabe De La Cruz
Gabe De La Cruz
User Support Services Specialist

Mark Dookharan
Help Desk Agent
Michael headshot
Michael Gradin
Assistant Director - GRID
portrait of Karen Harris
Karen Harris
Senior Instructional Designer
Amina Khan
Program Coordinator
Phone: 848-932-9508
Portrait of Hanna Kim
Dr. Hanna Kim
Senior Instructional Designer
Phone: 848-932-9633
portrait of Natalia Kouraeva
Dr. Natalia Kouraeva
Senior Instructional Designer
portrait of Mary Labrada
Mary Labrada
Senior Instructional Designer
portrait of Eric Leupold
Eric Leupold
Instructional Technologist
portrait of Carol May
Carol May
Business Specialist
portrait of Dena Novak
Dena Novak
Assistant Director of Instructional Design
portrait of Ruth Ronan
Ruth Ronan
Senior Instructional Designer
Omar headshot
Omar Samkough
Instructional Technologist

Ariel Saulog
Multimedia Designer
portrait of David Uibelhoer
Dr. David Uibelhoer
Senior Instructional Designer