Making Accessibility Concrete

Have you ever read, or listened to, accessibility guidelines and wondered how they should be applied, how this is supposed to work in practice? Guidelines and recommendations for online content can be hard to envision practical applications for, if you’re not a web-developer. The Worldwide Web Consortium (W3G), the organization responsible for the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG), is aware of this, and has provided a live demonstration of how WCAG 2.0 guidelines can be applied.

As W3G describes it, “[t]he Before and After Demonstration is a multi-page resource that shows an inaccessible website and a retrofitted version of this same website.” Each page includes interactive annotations that can be clicked to bring up explanations of what accessibility barrier each “Before” element presents, and how the “After” version was fixed.

Visit the Before and After Demonstration to see accessibility guidelines in action! Once you see how these guidelines can be applied, you may want to look at W3C’s Web Accessibility Tutorials for more information on how to address specific issues.