Atomic Search

Atomic Search is a LTI tool that lets you search the full text of Canvas course content.  You can access Atomic Search from a course, account, or global navigation menu or from a search box on the top right of Canvas pages.

Atomic Search allows you to:

  • Search a Canvas Course for content (discussions, assignments, announcements, pages, files, syllabus, quizzes). Students see results in published content that they have access to. Teachers and Admins will see both published and unpublished content that they have access to.
  • Search for a word, wildcard or phrase across all Canvas courses. 
  • Restrict or filter your search to a specifc term/semester or content type (pages, quizzes, etc.) in Canvas.
  • Search from your dashboard, the global navigation menu or from your course navigation.
  • Reindex your course to ensure up-to-date results (instructors only).

It is recommended that instructors hide Pages and Files in Canvas so searches by students do not return content that is not linked in Modules.  Personal data is not returned in the search results.  Users will not see results for discussion replies, assignment submissions, or Inbox Conversations. Students may see search results for content items that are in courses that restrict student access after the end date.  Canvas course settings will prevent the students from access the content.   

Please see Atomic Search full documentation for frequently asked questions.

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