Information Technology @ TLT

TLT’s IT support and application development team is responsible for the successful delivery of the Learning Management Systems (LMS) and Education Technology (EdTech) tools, ensuring that they operate smoothly and integrations function seamlessly, including integrations from outside, third-party vendors.  

The most critical integrations include development and data warehouse hooks into Student Information Systems (SIS) administered through the Rutgers central Office of Information Technology (OIT).  The SIS integrations provide course details, scheduling, instructor assignments, and student rosters to the LMS’s. Furthermore, student final grades may be passed between the LMS and the SIS at the end of each term.  Another critical central OIT resource that TLT leverages in the LMS is the Central Authentication Service (CAS), allowing users to authenticate themselves and their session with a valid Rutgers Network Identifier (NetID).  Using the Rutgers OIT CAS framework, TLT provides Single Sign On (SSO) capability for users using Rutgers services, but also SSO with third-party applications.

In addition to providing operational support, the IT team also collaborates with IT@CS (IT @ Continuing Studies) and GRID (Game Research & Immersive Design) to develop new technology, such as free-standing applications. One such application is the RUOnlineCon mobile app. It was developed in-house and demoed at the March 2018 national UPCEA Conference in Baltimore. Future iterations of the app are expected to hold potential for commercialization.

The IT@CS and TLT partnership allows TLT to administer and maintain their own server environment.  TLT’s server environment includes applications using various languages for client and server-side programming, web server, and database servers.

TLT Information Technology is responsible for the following areas: