Harmonize Demo begins Fall 2018

Rutgers Canvas is pleased to announce a semester demo of Harmonize!  Harmonize is an advanced discussion tool that plugs into Canvas via LTI.  

Getting Technology Out of the Way  

Taking design cues from popular social media platforms, Harmonize has a familiar interface that enables students to communicate with each other in new and dynamic ways. Structured posting allows teachers and students to focus on their content without stressing over layout.  

Multimedia Done Right 

Prepare yourself for a richer discussion limited only by your students' imaginations. Upload multiple files of any type directly within posts, annotate images/videos, record audio, and video on the fly with HTML5 and much more. 

If you'd like to consider Piloting Harmonize during the Fall semester or would like to learn more, please contact harmonize@docs.rutgers.edu before 08/15/2018. 

Get the most out of Harmonize by attending an online training on Friday, July 13 at 1 PM or Thursday, August 16 at 2pm.