GRID Games

The Rutgers Game Research and Immersive Design (GRID) group was formed in 2015 as part of TLT's game department. We understand the importance of games and game mechanics used for education and learning. We have created a number of custom games for various department's needs in their online courses. Below are a few examples of the games we've created!

GRID Projects

Illustrations from the game Semester in a day featuring kids and achievement badges

Semester in a Day

Rutgers Online Learning Conference 2015

Online multiplayer augmented reality game created for TLT's annual Online Learning conference.

Screenshot from the game Decision Trail featuring a teen with light brown skin and brown hair on a board game

The Decision Trail

Partner: ANSWER

Description:Help Lee make her decision on whether to go to school to take her exam, or skip it to go to Mariella's party.

Screenshot from the game "Put Your Knowledge To the Text" which features a text exchange between 2 teenagers.

Put Your Knowledge to the Text

Partner: ANSWER

Description:Use your in-game smartphone to text your friends and bust some myths about puberty.

Screenshot from the "Scrap it or Save it" game featuring a male teacher with dark skin standing by a bulletin board with messages pinned to it.

Scrap it or Save it

Partner: ANSWER

You and the class decide whether or not the phrases used to talk about sensitive topics should be saved on the bulletin board, or scrapped in the bin.

Screenshot from the game "Shine the Light on Personal Safety" featuring a silhouette of a female with ellipses coming out of her word bubble. The text above her reads "True or False: If a person does not say a verbal "no," he/she is technically consenting to sexual activity.

Shine the Light on Personal Safety

Partner: ANSWER

Assumptions can be easy to make and are often difficult to challenge.

Screenshot from the game "inSecurity" featuring a birds eye view of a city in black and white with blue and orange nodes overlayed on top.


Partner: Industrial and Systems Engineering at Rutgers

Description:Online multiplayer game to gain insight into strategies for choosing and attacking targets

3D modeled environment of a therapist office - a room with 3 sofa chairs, and a small coffee table in the middle

Project: Therapist Office

Partner: Rutgers School of Social Work

A multiplayer online game for students to roleplay as therapists and patients in a therapist office simulation