Getting Started in Canvas

We recommend the following brief guides as an introduction to the Canvas system, how to navigate around it, and how to get started creating or editing course content in it. This introduction is offered in both text and video format. Once you have viewed these basics, you may wish to view the full list of Canvas Guides for more in-depth information.



How do I use the Dashboard?

How do I use the Global Navigation Menu?

How do I get help with Canvas?

How do I use the Course Setup Checklist?

What are Profile and User Settings?


Canvas Text Guides, Alphabetical by Topics



Canvas Interface Overview (Instructors) (global navigation and tools)

Courses: Creation & Management (Instructors) (setting up a course)

Course Expectations: Canvas Kaleidoscope (different ways to access/view your course content)

User Settings and Profile Picture


Canvas Video Guides, Alphabetical by Topics


Self-Paced Orientation

These are brief (2-3 hour) courses within Canvas, designed to familiarize faculty and students with how to use Canvas via videos, tutorials, and hands-on practice. You must be in the Canvas system to access these tutorials.

Faculty Orientation (Self-Paced)

Student Orientation (Self-Paced)