DIY Online Course Development Toolkit

Welcome to the DIY (Do it Yourself) Online Course Development Toolkit site. Here you will find everything you need to build a quality online course.


TLT Course Template

When creating an online course site from scratch, use the TLT Course Template to get your course site up and running efficiently. This template can be used as a framework for how to structure your course and what elements to include.

Note: You will need an empty course site or a Sandbox to import the TLT Course Template content.

  • Step 1: Log into Rutgers Canvas
  • Step 2: Select Commons in the Red Global Navigation bar
  • Step 3: Type "TLT Course Template" in the search field
  • Step 4: Import the template into your selected course site
  • Step 5: Add your own content to course site
  • Optional: Complete Feedback Form to help us improve the template


Canvas Example Course

The Canvas Example Course provides a view of a fully developed course that applies the TLT Course Template above.

Open Canvas Example Course


Design-Build-Launch Checklist

This checklist provides action items to prepare your online courses for launch. It consists of three phases, (1)Design; (2)Build; and (3)Launch,each with a series of tasks.

Open and Download Checklist


Syllabus Template

The Syllabus Template is an editable Word document that applies best practices for syllabi. Download the file and replace all content contained within square brackets [ ] with your information.


Tools for Course Design and Development

The following resources will help you organize your course content to meet your learning objectives. Use these tools to ensure course alignment and to plan time spent on online learning activities.

  • UCF Learning Objective Builder Tool - Application developed by University of Central Florida to write measurable learning objectives.
  • Course Map - Download editable Word document that helps you map your online course to ensure alignment with all components.
  • Planning Time Calculator - Download editable Excel file to calculate time on task for online students based on course credit hours. Also links to Course Workload Estimator developed by Rice University, to add to your overall assignment calculations.


Video Gallery - Tips and Strategies for Online Instruction

Below are tips and strategies for effective online instruction and design. These resources range from technical to pedagogical strategies.


Teaching and Learning 




Tools and Technology for Online Teaching


Student Engagement


Accessibility and Universal Design for Learning


LMS Migration


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