Course Development

Course Design Services

If you are looking for some help with your face-to-face, hybrid, or online course, you are in the right place. We provide training in online teaching issues and edtech teaching tools. Interested in learning more? You may want to explore our ongoing Webinars & Workshops, our Video Tutorials library, our Online Teaching Certificate courses or our Faculty Resources pages.

What to Expect

Instructional design projects run the gamut from minor edits to full-fledged course build-out, covering a wide range of tasks, levels of complexity, technologies employed, etc. Proper needs assessment as well as advance planning allow us to budget our resources--and your time--and ensure the successful and timely completion of your design requirements.

Some of you may have already worked with prior instructional design teams. Please be aware that our services may not be identical to your previous experience. Our focus is on partnering closely with the instructor to ensure that each course meets best practices for online course design. In addition, we aim to empower the instructor with the skills necessary for effective course delivery and maintenance. This may include training and practice with relevant education technology tools.


How to Reach Us

If you need help getting started with online teaching or need help with one particular aspect, schedule a 1-to-1 appointment with one of our instructional designers.

If you would like to revise a course or design a new one, please fill out our Instructional Design Intake form. It will help your assigned instructional designer focus on your needs. If you complete the form before your first meeting, let your ID know, so they can access and refer to it.

Otherwise, you may email and tell us what you need, whether a quick fix, extended support, or full course design. One of our Instructional Designers will ask for some basic information and set up an informational meeting if necessary.

For immediate technical assistance, contact our Learning Management Help Desk at 848-932-4702 (24/7/365)