Canvas Feature Release: Canvas Plagiarism Framework, Powered by Turnitin

Rutgers Canvas is pleased to announce the release of the Canvas Plagiarism Framework, powered by Turnitin.  Instructors may still continue to use the Turnitin as an external tool for assignments. With the standard external tool integration of Turnitin, instructors may use all features of Feedback Studio including the Originality Report, Grademark, and Peermark.  With a second Turnitin integration via the Canvas Plagiarism Framework, instructors who only use Turnitin for the Similarity Index and Originality Report will benefit from a simplier workflow.  

This release is often referred to as Turnitin LTI 2.0 and combines native Canvas assignment settings to drive the Turnitin settings. Some benefits include:

  • increased ease of use for instructors who only use the Turnitin for the Originality Report
  • Ability to allow students to submit after the due date
  • No need to set feedback review dates for imported assignments using Turnitin.
  • Course copy of assignment with Turnitin will not experience errors.
  • Support for Canvas Group Assignments

Please review the External tool vs. Plagiarism Framework chart to determine if you should upgrade to the Canvas Plagiarism Framework.  Using this new integration will prevent Turnitin errors that instructors experience when importing assignments using Turnitin as an external tool. Turnitin via the Canvas Plagiarism Framework supports course copy (importing content into a course) but does not yet support assignment duplication (copying an assignment within a course).  

For more information, please review the Instructor Guide and the Frequently Asked Questions (be sure to read the sections on Handling Dates, Handling submissions, Assignment Settings,  and Course Copy).