On-Campus and Off-Campus Testing/Proctoring Centers in New Jersey

As an alternative to technology-based authentication and exam proctoring solutions, academic units and faculty may wish to offer traditional proctoring at the following on-campus and off-campus locations.

On-Campus (Rutgers hosted courses/students only):

Teaching & Learning with Technology (55 Commercial Ave., New Brunswick, NJ 08901)
Fees: Vary, and are payable to academic unit offering the test
Proctors: Must be provided by academic units offering the test
Scheduling: Course instructor must schedule exam slots
Instructors: Must schedule exam slots well in advance
Contact: proctoring@docs.rutgers.edu


Off-Campus Testing Centers

Raritan Valley Community College

  • Proctoring Fee: $40 per exam (cash or check), payable to RVCC at the time of testing.  Students are required to present a photo ID. 
  • Testing Center Schedule: www.raritanval.edu/testing
  • Tests are by appointment only.  Appointments can be made through email tcenter@raritanval.edu or phone 908-526-1200 x8401.
  • Test Formats: Tests/testing information are accepted in person, by mail or email (to tcenter@raritanval.edu)  Can deliver tests in paper-and-pencil or computer-based format through the Internet.

Mercer County Community College, West Windsor Campus

  • Proctoring Fee: $25.00 per exam for paper-and-pencil exams and $35.00 for computer-based exams. Payable to MCCC prior to the exam.
  • Students must have  government-issued photo identification such as a driver’s license, but the Center can accept school id’s if the instructor  includes that in his test directions.
  • Test by appointment only. Appointments can be made via e-mail or by phone.
  • Please review details here: http://www.mccc.edu/student_services_testing_distance.shtml
  • Instructors may e-mail their instructions and  exams or passwords to wwtesting@mccc.edu .  We ask for at least 24 hours’ notice.
  • Center Opening Hours: Monday – Thursday from 9 AM until 7:30 PM  and on Saturday from  9 AM until 2:30 PM.

County College of Morris

Out-of-State Student Authentication and Exam Proctoring Centers

  • If you reside out of state and are in need of student authentication and exam proctoring services, please click on the link below to find a Testing Center near you. Note that before making any proctoring arrangements, you must confirm with your course instructor that the Center you have chosen offers the type of authentication and proctoring you need. Once you have finalized arrangements, please provide your instructor with the name and address of the Testing Center, as well as the details of your scheduled proctoring appointment.