An increasing number of students in higher education are using smartphones as the primary means of accessing online course material. In particular, Canvas mobile use is on the rise and will continue to grow. A 2018 survey of over 1600 students at University of Central Florida found that 84% of students use the Canvas mobile app, with 96% of whom use the app at least once a week. UCF also reported that their Canvas Data shows 20% of traffic came from the student app. Most likely, many of your own students are accessing your course site through the mobile app as well. It is important to be aware of these mobile users when designing your courses.  

There are lots of ways to ensure that your course is designed to support flexible access, whether students are logging on through their laptops or their phones, such as designing mobile-friendly assignments that make use of the camera, GPS, and more. Check out the webinar on Tips to Designing Mobile-Friendly Assignments from Biray Seitz and Ryan Seilhamer to learn more! Also see the links below for instructions on mobile assignment submission mentioned in the video, and a Canvas blog post on mobile friendly home pages. 

Mobile Friendly Home Pages 
How do I view Assignments in the Student app on my Android device?  
How do I view Assignments in the Student app on my iOS device?