Akindi (Scantron alternative) Demo Begins for Summer 2017

Rutgers Canvas is pleased to announce the start of a demo with Akindi, a bubble test (Scantron) alternative. This demo is open to 5-10 instructors during the Summer 2017 term. Akindi is a web-based assessment software that automatically grades multiple choice assessments using regular paper and any scanner; thus, negating the need for expensive machines, software, and proprietary answer sheets.

Akindi works in 3 simple steps:

  • Print - Create an assessment to start customizing your bubble sheet. Print as many copies as you need; you can opt to print answer sheets with student names and RU ID numbers. You may print an extra copy to fill out the answer key, or you may opt to fill out the answer key online before scanning the completed answer sheets.
  • Scan - Once the students have completed the assessment, you can batch scan every answer sheet into one PDF file using your scanner’s document feeder. If you are using the Akindi iOS app, hold the phone up to scan the assessments using your phone’s camera.
  • Upload - Once you have scanned the answer sheets into a single PDF file, you can upload the file to the Akindi website or email it to a special Akindi email provided to you. Your answer sheets will be graded instantly, and you’ll be ready to view your assessment results.

Additional features of Akindi (to name a few!)

  • Analytics and Insights - Quickly understand your students’ performance and how well each question was constructed. Akindi provides easy-to-understand graphs and data to help instructors figure out areas for improvement.
  • Easy exceptions handling and digitally archived sheets - Bubble half-filled in or crossed out? Student ID not bubbled in? Akindi software isolates those individual errors and allows you to correct them without re-scanning. Akindi also keeps an image of each answer sheet archived so you don’t have to worry about keeping around the paper copies.
  • Email Student Results - Close the feedback loop with Akindi's one-click option to deliver grades and corrected sheets directly to students securely via email.
  • Automatically syncs with Canvas - We have integrated Akindi into Canvas for easy transfer of your class rosters into Akindi and your student grades back to your Canvas gradebook.

Interested in giving Akindi a try?

Please contact help@Canvas.rutgers.edu by June 14th! The next steps are:

  • Akindi will be installed in your Canvas course.
  • Attend an online training session offered by Akindi on either June 5th at 1 PM OR June 15th at 10 AM.
  • Use Akindi for your paper tests and provide feedback on your use.

Read more about Akindi in this document.