About TLT

As a central university resource, Teaching and Learning with Technology provides instructional technology and course design support across all online and hybrid education at Rutgers. Created in 2017 as part of a major university-wide "Realignment of Instructional Technology Resources, "Teaching and Learning with Technology" (TLT) has merged three well-established staff units that were previously independent of each other: the Office of Instructional & Research Technology; the Center for Online & Hybrid Learning and Instructional Technologies; and Rutgers Instructional Technology & eLearning Solutions. TLT is now a business unit of the Division of Continuing Studies.

Teaching and Learning with Technology serves as the Rutgers system administrator for 4 different Learning Management Systems: Canvas, Moodle; Sakai, and Coursera. In all, our team of about 40 FTE’s supports more than 70 instructional technologies used in both for-credit and non-credit courses. One of our key responsibilities in the Rutgers for-credit space is to ensure smooth operations for a current total of 26 fully online degree programs, of which 11 are part of “Rutgers Online.” Outside of Rutgers, we also maintain a growing number of educational partnerships between various national organizations and the Division of Continuing Studies.


TLT Areas of Service Include: